About Me

Hello there! I’m Jasmine Phipps, proudly pursuing my undergraduate studies in The Arts of Communications at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, complemented by a minor in Entrepreneurship. Drawn to the power of words and influence, my aspirations as a motivational speaker have been fueled by the recognition that our generation needs relatable voices to guide and inspire. Amidst the tumultuous waves of the COVID pandemic, I penned a book, publishing it as my college journey began. This endeavor was more than just writing; it was a voyage into my soul, reaffirming that every dream, no matter its magnitude, can be realized with passion and persistence.

My commitment to fostering inclusivity and community is evident in my involvement with the Black Student Union (BSU) at Cal Poly. Eager to amplify the voices of black students, I stepped up to serve as the Communications and Media Director for BSU. My engagement with BSU is driven by a vision to enact meaningful change for black students on campus and lay down paths that future generations can tread and transform.