Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Intro/New Year’s Resolutions, Vision Boards

The first episode of Spilling Tea with a POC  will reintroduce who I am and what my book is all about. I will also be giving advice about how important New Year’s Resolutions. 

Episode 2: Self Care and Self Love ❤️

This podcast talks about the importance of self love and self care. “2023 all year is about me”. I will be talking about 5 tips to get started on the journey to self love and self care and how starting this journey can help improve your emotional well being.

Episode 3: Tips for Black College Students

This episode talks about the problems black college students face. I recite a poem I wrote myself about my experience at my Predominantly White Institution. #blackexcellence I also talk about some different tips that you can use to improve your college experience as a Black Student. 

Episode 4: BLACK LOVE

This episode talks about the importance of black love, the ways you can show black love and my personal ideas of black love. This episode was really fun to film because I was able to incorporate my ideas of what I think black love is. However, because it’s me it is a little all over the place but sit back and watch or listen and enjoy :). I did upload this in my youtube so if you wanna watch it make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Episode 5: Navigating Leadership in College

Good Morning, hope everyone is having a blessed day on this Monday morning. Can’t believe we are already on Episode 5 for this podcast Season 1. For this episode, I got a surprise for y’all. I got a speical guest and you get to see my face again haha. But if you missed the last few episodes you can listen to them on spotify and apple podcast.

Episode 6: My Beauty Standards Set by Me

This new episode is about beauty standards in college culture and how to move around them to create your own. After you listen to this episode I challenge all of you to create your own beauty standards because it is important to recognize that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We can start by acknowledging and accepting our own unique beauty rather than striving to fit into a specific mold. Thank you for supporting me. Can’t wait for y’all to sit back and watch or listen and enjoy :).

Episode 7: Finding Your Passion and Purpose in College

Description: This new episode is about Finding your passion and purpose in college. Passion can be a powerful force that drives individuals towards their purpose in life. Passion can be anything you love to do and that makes you happy. I hope this video motivates everyone to follow their dreams and to keep going and to do your passions everyday. Can’t wait for y’all to sit back and watch or listen to this weeks episode I hope you enjoy 🙂