My name is Jasmine Phipps, I am an undergraduate student at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, with a major in The Arts of Communications and minor in Entrepreneurship. I want to be a motivational speaker because I feel like more than ever we need someone from this generation motivating us. I wrote a book during the COVID pandemic and published it when I started college. While writing my book, I was able to rediscover who I want to be and what I want out of life as it opened my eyes to see that no matter what your vision is you can bring it to life.

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Season 2 is out!

Spilling Tea with a POC - Season 2: Spilling Tea in my Twenties

Join Jasmine Phipps in an introspective journey this season as she dives deep into the multifaceted experiences of college life. From the vital act of self-prioritization to the complex dynamics of relationships and personal branding, this season is all about navigating the waters of self-discovery amidst the challenges and opportunities that university life presents.

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